Pulling an All-Nighter, is it Healthy?


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This scheme might seem promising for students who are currently in a rush to finish a project or deadline, especially in a time when the saying "a sleep is only for the weak" is at the peak of popularity. But is it actually healthy for teenagers?

In fact, pulling an all-nighter is bad for everyone. Teenagers have to sleep about 8 to 10 hours a day to fit in the normal guidelines provided by The National Sleep Foundation. Once you become addicted to staying up all night, you have to get ready for these harmful effects on your well-being.

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Side Effect of Pulling an All-Nighters

Reducing cognitive function

Sleep deprivation causes the reduction of attention span and concentration during the day. The reactions turn slow in responding and understanding a task or instruction. In the worst case, it will lead to the loss of important memories. Studies even proved that pulling an all-nighter causes damage comparable to being drunk. If this is the case, the next day's activities will be a total nightmare.

Severe mood problems

Imagine if both mood and behavior are in a swing mode. Staying up all night is related to the increase of cortisol hormone which is in charge of stress. On other times, anger and irritability are in the house. 

Tips to Help You Avoid an All-Nighter

After reading those minor and major effects of sleep deprivation above, you might think twice if you want to pull an all-nighter over again. If that’s the case, here is some advice you need to read.

Don’t procrastinate

Please write down your goals and reach them little by little. It would be best if you read about Pomodoro Method to make your study time as effective as possible.

Stick to the same wake up and sleep time

Do this even on weekends. Once you mess up with sleeping time, it will be hard to build up the habit again.

Avoid caffeine late in the day

Remember that coffee is not the only drink that contains caffeine. Tea, soda, and energy drinks count too!

Turn off electronics before bed time

Instead of scrolling your social media, find a good book to read.

It is clear that pulling an all-nighter is not a healthy habit especially in the long run. Let’s give another way a try!

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