5 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day


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Did you just skip your breakfast this morning? Unfortunately, this article will prove your recent action is a poor choice. Well, you are not alone, though. Many people also think the same but little did they know the benefits are huge.

So, breakfast is a literal meaning for “breaking the fast”, in which people just have a meal after not eating for the entire night before. From improving your concentration level to maintaining your mental well-being, here are some reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the entire day.

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Why Breakfast is Important?

Improve concentration

Especially for students, concentration is the most essential ingredient their mind should have in the morning. Paying attention to those chemistry formulas costs a great deal of focus, right?

Recent study found that students who eat a healthy breakfast will have a better concentration than those who do not. The feeling of hunger will limit students’ ability to gain new information and will understand less from what they are taught. 

It is widely known that lower age students have a natural tendency to have a decline in cognitive performance in the morning. A healthy breakfast will help them to stay alert and improve their consciousness for the entire day.

Increase energy level

For those who are skipping breakfast today, are you feeling tired already? Well, it is what it is!

Having breakfast after an overnight fast in the morning will equip your body with glucose. Glucose is like the fuel of our body as an energy source. It comes from the carbohydrates you eat such as rice, bread and cereal. Without glucose intake in the morning, you should not blame anyone for your low blood sugar level which causes the feeling of laziness and slow-moving.

To excel your performance in the class, eating breakfast is a must. We need energy to pass until lunchtime, right?

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Motivate a better eating habit that day

A research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that students’ main reason to skip breakfast is to lose weight. However, this habit leads to another weight gain problem.

By skipping breakfast, your brain will likely crave more when lunchtime comes. At the worst level of hunger, fast, unhealthy, and higher-calorie food seems like the best options. The unconscious mind naturally seeks for a quick reward after refusing to eat early in the day.

Do not mistake your skipped breakfast as a punishment to lose weight. Instead, balance your diet by having a nutritious meal first thing in the morning to stabilize your craving for unhealthy food.

Encourage physical activity

A feeling of energy also means you are more likely to be active throughout the day, at least in the morning. 

Those who eat their breakfast have a better chance of exercising due to the amount of energy they have right away. For students, living an active lifestyle impacts advanced memory and concentration, good stress management, and improved cognitive function. Hence, those who are inactive, missing out these enormous conveniences.

In addition, movements are proven to lower several diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. That is to say, breakfast is also a good option in the long run.

Better mental well-being

As stated before, skipping breakfast contributes to low blood sugar level. A study found out that it is not only linked to a poor energy level but also promotes a bad mood, irritability, and fatigue. It also produces a hormone called cortisol which causes the feeling of stress and anxiousness.

Melissa Brunetti, a nutritionist whose expertise is on the connection between diet and mental health, states that eating eggs as breakfast can reduce the level of depression. Good news for you who are currently struggling academically!

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In conclusion, listen to your parents or family whenever they remind you to eat your breakfast. The evidence is clear; both of your mental and physical well-being can contribute to academic excellence which can be boosted by having a good meal every morning.

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