Early Bird vs Night Owl, Which Study Type Suits You The Best?


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People tend to identify themselves into one group with two options. In a matter of productive time, they split into people who enjoy the birdsong in the morning (sometimes they hum with the bird too!) and people who enjoy the silence on a quiet night. 

According to scientists, being the morning or night person can be based on your genes. So, if your parents were night owls, chances are you will be too. Though at the end, it is just a matter of preference.

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Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early birds, sometimes called morning larks or morning people are those whose productivity is at the peak of efficiency in the morning, but usually fade away as time goes dark. 

Morning person will always be associated with successful people. Name them Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Maudy Ayunda. It is rumoured that morning ritual is their secret tips to success since there was this famous saying the early bird catches the worm. Is it though?

On the other hand, there are night owls which tend to hit the snooze button every morning to get more sleep since they always stay up late finishing their tasks or homeworks. 

These people are told “learn to be an adult and get a good night's sleep!” by their parents or elders. Surprisingly, research from University of Madrid shows that night owls have higher IQs than the other. There are also famous people who are known to be a night owl; Barack Obama, Charles Darwin and Elvis Presley. 

Regardless of your productive time preference, both early birds and night owls have their own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of arguing which one is better than the other, let’s just embrace what our body and mind prefer!

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Study Tips for The Early Birds

Early risers are benefited by the school systems, so it should be easy for them to adjust their study habits with the existing schedules.

1. Zero social media distractions

Waking up in the morning is the time when it feels relaxed and refreshed to plan the day ahead. If the first thing you do is to open social media, then it will ruin your focus. Try to get rid of your social media addiction and do mindfully things first thing in the morning.

Try meditation, journaling, and reading to boost your concentration.

2. Sit at the desk, not in bed.

Although reading materials in bed sounds appealing, it is essential to create the ‘ready environment’ for your body to get energized. It is even better if you get out of your bedroom and study in the living room instead.

Trying to study in bed will make your unconscious mind feel sleepy. Remember, desk is meant for work and bed is meant for sleep.

3. Get the sunshine

Exposure to the sunlight is the point of waking up early. If possible, sit under the sun in your backyard or front yard. Sunshine is known to make our mind more alert.

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Study Tips for The Night Owls

For many of the youngsters, they find it more productive to study at night when everybody falls asleep.

1. Set a regular bedtime

When you get so focused on your task or homework to be done, sometimes it will be hard to stop. Set a time for you to not stay up too late (or pulling an all-nighter) and get enough night sleep. 

2. No Caffeine

Please avoid any temptation to drink caffeine before your night study session or you will regret lying wide awake at midnight.

3. Take a Nap

Since you don’t really get a lot of sleep at night, taking a power nap in the afternoon is a game changer. Let your body rest in a little time throughout the day will refresh your brain to concentrate more.


Despite the fact that you are more productive in one time only, don’t forget to exercise regularly and get hydrated! Also, if you are looking for an application to help you study based on your productive time preference, Pijar Belajar is the right one! It has many tryouts with appealing and comprehensive explanation videos.

It will help you to study better in the morning or at night!


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